• I know I've mentioned several times before that I've been blogging for ten years. I …
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  • It seems like just yesterday that I was saying that I couldn't believe it was …
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  • I know that I've been saying this countless times, but can you believe it's almost …
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  • Can you believe that there is less than a month until Christmas? This year has …
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  • As a blogger that has been around for about 10 years, I've seen it all. When …
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  • The HOLY GRAIL of shopping days is coming up at the end of this week …
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  • Why You Should Incorporate Local Content Onto Your Blog (And How You Can!)

    I know I’ve mentioned several times before that I’ve been blogging for ten years. I started my first blog, Everything Happens For a Reason in July 2009 and then shut it down in January 2015. I walked away from the blogging world completely, until May 2016.

    Many of you reading my blog here, may or may not know that I also run another blog, called Fabulous In Fayette, which is a local blog about my city and state. The tagline I created for Fabulous In Fayette is “Celebrating the fabulous city of Lexington, the great state of Kentucky, and Southern living.” My blog, Fabulous In Fayette is strictly about my city and state. It isn’t a personal lifestyle blog like many others out there or like this blog, Grits and Glam. Fabulous In Fayette is celebrating all that Lexington and Kentucky, as well as the surrounding states have to offer. I heavily focus on food, bourbon, events, local businesses, things to do, and state pride.

    Lexington is city that has many accolades and has many reasons why people from all over the country and world come to visit. Lexington is the Horse Capital of the World, the Best Place in America to Grab a Drink, and the Birthplace of Bourbon. No really, we are responsible for 95% of the world’s bourbon in the world. Yes, in the WORLD! Southern Living named it one of the “Top 5 Places to Live,” and USA TODAY named it “Top 10 Bucket List Destination.” Those are just a few of the ways it has been nationally recognized.

    If you ever thought about localizing your blog, then you should! If you want to incorporate local content and don’t know where to start, I’m here to help you with these tips on “How to Localize Your Blog” or “How to Incorporate Local Content Onto Your Existing Blog.”

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    Weekend Reading: Volume VI

    It seems like just yesterday that I was saying that I couldn’t believe it was November and now it’s December. This year keeps on flying by! Can you believe there are only three and a half weeks until Christmas?! I can’t!

    This weather and the fact that it gets dark around five o’clock are getting me down. It’s making taking photos outside miserable, because I don’t do too well with cold weather. Winter seems to always make me feel unmotivated because I never want to spend a lot of time taking photos.

    Due to it being towards the end of the year, I’ve been starting to think of goals that I want to set for myself and my two blogs, as well as content that I want to write for the remainder of the year, and for January. My biggest goal is to increase my productivity and write a week’s worth of posts in one day, so I can relax, focus on other things in my life, and then just focus on promoting said posts. Then I can spend one day taking photos and another half day editing photos. Being organized and making the most of your time is so incredibly important when you own a business!

    A couple of days ago, I got together with some of my blogger fam to eat some delicious dinner at a local restaurant and to watch the University of Kentucky Wildcats play Monmouth. It’s always such a great time when you can spend it with friends! This weekend, I have some exciting plans! Just wait until you see where I’m going!

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    30 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

    I know that I’ve been saying this countless times, but can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Christmas is less than a month away and I’m so excited for it! I absolutely love this time of year – minus the cold weather, which makes it impossible to take pictures since it gets dark around 5 o’clock. In all seriousness though, I love everything about this season – the movies, the music, the food, the energy from people, the extra togetherness with family and friends, and overall spirit of the season. It seems like people overall are much happier this time of year, or maybe it’s the same level of friendliness. I live in the South and no one is a stranger haha! I just love the feeling that Christmas brings. I love the feeling that miracles can happen and that anything is possible this time of year!

    I’ve come up with thirty surefire ways that can get you into the Christmas spirit. By the end of it, you’ll be singing, “Deck the Halls… Fa la la la la la la la la.”

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    Nothing Says Christmas Like Cutting Down Your Own Tree

    Can you believe that there is less than a month until Christmas? This year has seriously flown by! On twitter there has been a viral tweet going around that said, ‘Hey, you know how long 2018 has been? We had the Olympics this year and everybody forgot about it.’ Isn’t that the truth?!

    It seems that everyone has been decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas as the years go by. My husband and I used to be on “Team Decorate After Thanksgiving,” as in the first week of December. This year, we threw that idea out the window. Our TV has been permanently on the Hallmark Channel, since about the second week of November.

    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without traditions. I’m hear to tell you how traditions can make your Christmases memorable for years to come, and I hope I can inspire you to create your own.

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    The One Reason Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog

    As a blogger that has been around for about 10 years, I’ve seen it all. When I first started blogging in 2009, the blogging world was vastly different than what it is now. As in night and day different. It was a world that was more personal and more organic in forming relationships. There were no facebook groups, and there definitely wasn’t pinterest or instagram. There were no blog launches. Support threads or telegram groups? Nope. If you wanted engagement, you sought it yourself and made real connections. You wanted to start a blog? You did and that was that (I have to say thank goodness for social media because it now makes it easier to promote your blog).

    I stopped blogging in 2015, and I think around that time is when blogging started to shift in a different direction – into influencer marketing (I started back blogging again with a brand new blog, Fabulous In Fayette, in 2016). Blogging circa 2010 makes me laugh, because it was so different – the photography, the content, just everything. It was just funny. Also, you would rarely see affiliate links and sponsored posts were not as mainstream as they are now. Remember when blog buttons were a thing? If you wanted to make money, you would charge everyone to place their “blog button” on the sidebar of your site and you would offer extras such as guest posts, twitter shoutouts, etc. for a ‘x’ amount of money.

    Now, obviously, I love the direction blogging has went, because that means I can make a business out of it and it’s no longer a hobby. However, there is one thing that has always been on my mind, especially now with the influx of new bloggers popping up and that is…

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