I’m Not Doing The #Last90Days Challenge. I’m Doing It On My Own Terms

Can you believe there are less than 90 days left of 2018? It’s crazy how fast this year has flown by! Pretty soon, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Seriously, where does the time go?

I know many of us always make New Year’s resolutions, but what about making goals for the remainder of the year? I keep seeing everyone talk about Rachel Hollis and her #Last90Days Challenge. I’m sure everyone has at least heard of her (or else you are living under a rock) and her popular book, Girl Wash Your Face (I bought it a few months ago and have stopped on Chapter 5). Well, Rachel is doing the #Last90Days again, and she has even laid out five items for “5 to Thrive.” I should preface by saying that I haven’t listened to her podcast or the videos speaking about the challenge.

I’ve heard this challenge is supposed to keep us women motivated during these last couple of months, since there are so many foodie holidays coming up on the calendar that are toxic to us (the treats that come along with fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). I think it was mentioned that women tend to make excuses not to be motivated because of the holidays. This challenge is supposed to give us women a head start on the new year, instead of waiting until January 1 to start fresh.

However, with that said, I’ll tell you why I’m going to do things on my terms.


#Last90Days Challenge From Rachel Hollis – 5 to Thrive

1. Get up an hour earlier than you normally do and use the time for YOURSELF

I’m sorry, but there’s no way that I’m going to do that. Hear me out though… I work from home teaching (I set my own schedule) and work on my blog (now two blogs) full-time. I can fit in free time just about anywhere within my day. I’ve never had a problem with self-care or taking care of myself either. The way my personality works — if I was to wake up an hour before I worked to do something for me, like watch a TV show, paint my nails, listen to music, etc, I would be so angry when that hour was over, because my routine would be interrupted. For me, taking an hour to myself before work would be stressful, so it would have the opposite effect on me. It works out so much better for me to do what I need to do first in increments and then relax.

2. Workout for at least thirty minutes

I think this is a pretty good goal to have and is easily achievable. However, I probably would change it to three to four times a week to be more realistic, because sometimes our bodies need to take a break. Listening to our bodies is so important. Also, I don’t think “working out” has to be an extreme sweat session at the gym, but could be a walk around the neighborhood or dancing with your girlfriends to some music or just getting 10,000 steps in during the day.

3. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day

I used to hate hate hate water. As in, I would never drink it if I didn’t have to. For the past couple of months, I’ve been forcing myself to, since it is the right thing to do and it is obviously good for you! I haven’t tracked how much I drink in a day, but I know I could always drink a lot more!

4. Give up one food category you know you shouldn’t be eating

That is going to be a huge NO from me. I actually have a real problem with this one! Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t like this one, but it just didn’t set well with me. There is no way in hell I would give up a food category (the only way I would if it were for health or allergy reasons or something along those lines). Maybe it is supposed to be just temporary? I still think the whole depriving yourself or not allowing yourself to eat certain foods is a toxic way of thinking and a slippery slope of developing an unhealthy relationship with food.

I’ve seen countless girls on facebook and instagram eat “bad” and then complain about it and say “I’ll do better tomorrow” or beat themselves up for making the “wrong” choice or work out furiously the next day or something along those lines. Just eat the slice of pizza and live! It’s not going to derail your progress, unless you repeatedly make “that” choice day after day after day. I think it’s so important that one day will not mess up goals. I’m 100% NOT going to feel guilty about eating something “bad” for me. I ate it because I wanted it. Now, obviously, you can’t indulge every single day for every meal. It’s all about portion control, eating in moderation, and making better choices. It’s much better to live by the 80/20 rule than just to completely tell yourself a certain food group is off limits.

I think a much better goal would be to eat more vegetables or fruit or don’t eat after 7pm or.

5. Write down ten things you’re grateful for every single day

This one I can get behind. I think so many times we get caught up in life that we can actually forget what we have to be thankful for. There are so many things that we take for granted. I think this would be a wonderful exercise to implement for the rest of the year and really just any time.

I know many of us always make New Year's resolutions, but what about making goals for the remainder of the year? I keep seeing everyone talk about Rachel Hollis and her #Last90Days Challenge. I won't be participating in the full challenge. However, with that said, I'll tell you why I'm going to do things on my terms. #lifestyle #life #goals #inspiration #last90days #advice

While some of those things are a nice idea and may work for some people (maybe that is exactly what they need!). Those particular things listed above really aren’t going to help me reach MY goals and what I want to accomplish for the rest of the year. Every time I set goals for myself, they aren’t habits I want to adopt but actual things, such as projects, I want to complete.


“What if you committed to living your last 90 days of this year as hard as you are committing to living the first 30 days of the new year? What if instead of a downhill slide into 2019, you are ramping up!” – Rachel Hollis


Goals for the #Last90Days of 2018 – Doing it My Way:

1. Paint our master bedroom: Right now, the walls are the same poop brown color as when we moved in back in April 2017. We never really painted them because we couldn’t decide on a color. I think we are going to stick to a neutral color – maybe grey. However, I love navy, but I’m afraid it would be such a dark color for such a large space.

2. Hang the photos and prints on the walls in my office: I have so many prints I want to hang up in my home office. The problem is the prints are all weird sizes, so I never got around to buying the frames for them.

3. Decorate our entire living room: I really want to have a fully decorated living room. While there are pictures on the walls, I want to make it pinterest-esque. I want it to look like a staged home, yet still cozy and lived in, if that makes sense? My husband and I like two different styles, and it really stresses me out and is overwhelming trying to decorate it myself. It’s just that furniture can be so expensive. I don’t want to make a wrong choice and have it look bad and then later change my mind. I’m planning on hiring one of my friends to help me, since she does interior design.

4. Add backsplash to our kitchen: We’ve already picked out which one we want to buy. We just now have to bite the bullet and buy it, so we can install it. It’s going to be a project, so we want to have plenty of time set aside to finish it.

5. Write 50 posts on Grits and Glam: I really want to keep up with this blog and make it successful. Consistency is key!

6. Organize the drawers in the kitchen, as well as the spice cabinet: I’m really big on organizing everything. I want the spices to be easily accessible and not jumbled in a mess.

7. Go on a trip to one of the state parks in Kentucky: I worked with the state tourism of Kentucky back in May with my blog, Fabulous In Fayette. I was one of the influencers chosen to promote the Kentucky State Parks Culinary Trail and the #BetterInTheBluegrass campaign. I was given a certificate for a free stay that I need to use before it expires later this year!

8. Get all of my email inboxes back to zero: I did this with two of my accounts about two months ago and started on my other accounts but never finished. I still have an embarrassing amount of unread emails, so I really want to get this done before the end of the year. I want to be able to start fresh in 2019!

9. Host another New Year’s party: My husband and I hosted New Year’s last year and we loved it. I love entertaining and I love spending time with friends, especially since we are in our new house.

10. Plan out as much content as I can ahead of time for both Fabulous In Fayette and Grits to Glam: I know from now until the end of the year, it is going to be relatively busy, so I want to make sure I have as much content scheduled in advance as I can. I think that will be a stress reliever, so I won’t be working on posts hours the night before they go live. I have the majority of my posts planned for both blogs for the month of October, but I need to start writing.

11. Purchase a new theme for Grits and Glam: While I love the theme I’m currently using, I want something completely new and fresh (I’m currently using the same layout for Fabulous In Fayette). I have a theme that I have my eye on, but I kind of want to wait until mid-December to actually make my purchase.

I know many of us always make New Year's resolutions, but what about making goals for the remainder of the year? I keep seeing everyone talk about Rachel Hollis and her #Last90Days Challenge. I won't be participating in the full challenge. However, with that said, I'll tell you why I'm going to do things on my terms. #lifestyle #life #goals #inspiration #last90days #advice


Are you doing the #Last90Days Challenge?

What are you wanting to accomplish by the end of the year?

Whitney S.
Whitney S.

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