20 Fun Fall Date Ideas For Couples

Fall is hands down my favorite season. There are so many fun fall activities that you can do on a date. You can call me basic, but I don’t care! There’s just something about the crisp fall air and the changing of the leaves. However, it’s still in the 80s here in Kentucky (and with the “feels like” temperatures, it’s closer to 90 and above). I just wish fall would get its act together, because I want to wear cute boots and sweaters. I live for fall fashion, and layers. It’s so hard to feel cute when you are sweaty and when your hair is frizzy. To be honest, I’ve just never felt really all that great in summer fashion. Fall fashion is my jam. Fall Fashion > Summer Fashion!!

I know most girls are hitting the drive-thru at Starbucks to get their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not this girl! I tried it back in 2010 and thought it tasted like an ashtray I haaaaate coffee though!). I thought it was so gross that I took one sip and threw it away. Sidenote: I picked up the Skinny Dipped Almonds in Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Spice and I’m obsessed! Maybe I should give the PSL another shot?!? What do you think?

I may not looooove pumpkin, but I love apples – apple cider, apple pie, apple cider donuts, applesauce, apples, themselves. Basically, if it has anything to do with apples, I’m eating or drinking it. Well, maybe everything except Apple Cider Vinegar. Ewww.

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I figured it would be fun to put together a list of Fall Date Ideas to help you enjoy the amazing season that is fall!

20 Fun Fall Date Ideas For Couples:

1. Go to a corn maze: Living in bourbon country, aka Central Kentucky, 95% of the world’s bourbon is made here. Since bourbon is made from corn, it’s safe to say we have a plethora of corn mazes in Lexington and the surrounding areas. This is probably my favorite fall activity to do!

2. Play in the leaves: The leaves haven’t really started changing in Kentucky, but once they do, the colors are gorgeous. Of course, once the leaves fall, you have to take the quintessential “throwing leaves in the air” picture and post it to the ‘gram.

3. Have a bonfire with some friends: Enjoy a nice cool fall night sitting around the fire with some friends. This is the perfect excuse to see who can make the best s’mores!

4. Go on a hike: The weather is not too hot and too cold. You get to be outside in nature, get a little fresh air, and enjoy the fall foliage.

5. Perfect your chili recipe: Have a chili cook-off and see who can make the best!

6. Go to a haunted house or haunted trail: Haunted houses are a great way to celebrate fall, Halloween, and being scared all in one. I hate haunted houses and being scared, so they are a huge NOPE from me!

7. Build a gingerbread haunted house from one of those kits: My husband (then boyfriend) made a haunted house our first Halloween together. It tasted so disgusting and it was so hard to put together because it kept falling apart. However, we spent the whole time laughing and we still think about it to this day, even though it was about nine years ago!

8. Drink some apple cider: Y’all. Go drink some apple cider from an apple orchard and it will change your life. If you like alcohol, you should try to get your hands on Kentucky Cider by Evan Williams. I live in Kentucky where it is made and it is hard to get since it’s seasonal and popular. Last year, I bought five bottles to last me the entire year. I still have some left over that we hadn’t drank yet. If you find it, get it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

9. Carve or paint a pumpkin: I’m horrible at carving pumpkins and painting pumpkins, but it’s such a fun activity that is perfect for the season.

10. Drive around (or hike) and look at the fall foliage: With all the different colors, fall is such a pretty season!

11. Go to a farmer’s market: We pretty much have multiple farmer’s markets at various locations all year round or at 80% of the year. These are perfect for finding fresh fruits and vegetables in season and supporting your local farmers and community.

12. Go to a fall festival: These events are super cheap and usually feature live music, great local food, local vendors, and a lot of fun little activities you can do.

13. Go on a hayride: You’re never too old!

14. Watch a marathon of scary movies on Netflix or Hulu: I love scary movies. My best friend and I watch scary movies on the regular with each other, especially this time of year. Usually, I go to her house and she streams the movies on her laptop and we eat her mom’s delicious Potato Soup.

15. Go tailgating before the football game: This one kind of goes hand in hand with number 16. There are only twelve games in the season and seven home games, so you gotta make that tailgating count. I don’t know about y’all and your college football teams, but here in the South and being a SEC team, we take tailgating to the next level. People bring tents, satellites and TVs, grills, and enormous amounts of food and alcohol (alcohol isn’t sold in SEC stadiums). UK even has tiny homes that you can rent out for the ultimate tailgate!

16. Go to a football game: There is nothing like being out in the cool, crisp air watching a football game and cheering your team to victory!

17. Go on a ghost tour or visit a place that is actually haunted: You can learn a little history, get a little scared, and perhaps maybe even see a real ghost?! There are quite a few haunted places in my city of Lexington and there even are ghost tours offered downtown every Friday from May to October. There are many places that are haunted throughout the state, including Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which is “one of the most haunted places on Earth!”

18. Have a picnic: I know this is more of a spring or summer activity, but on days were the weather is perfect, you can bring a blanket and some hot cider and hot soup to enjoy!

19. Go to a winery or brewery: I know you can do this all year around, but I’m pretty sure lots of wineries and breweries may have seasonal products that you only can have at this time of year!

20. Go to an apple orchard and pick your own apples: My husband and I did this for the first time last year, and we decided from there on out that it was going to be a yearly tradition (just as long we go on a weekend that isn’t 90 degrees! We were going to go this past weekend, but it was still almost 90. Luckily, the forecast for next weekend is 70 degrees. Maybe the fall weather has finally arrived?). The apples are so much better from an orchard. I mean, that’s their thing, right? You also get a chance to create some wonderful memories from choosing the apples you want instead of going out and just purchasing them.



What are your favorite fall activities?

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