Picking Apples at Eckert’s Boyd Orchard in Lexington, Kentucky

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The temperature seriously went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooperAbout two weeks ago, it was almost 90 and by the end of the week it was around 70 degrees. Once the weekend came, it was around 50 degrees, if not colder. That was a nice day of fall we had. Hence, one day. Luckily, it’s warmed up since that day and is in the mid to upper 60s.

Since it’s that time of year, my husband and I made it out to Eckert’s Boyd Orchard in Versailles, Kentucky to pick some apples. Last fall, we decided to add this to our yearly fall traditions. There’s nothing like picking your own apple from the trees. It’s just more fun that way!

Eckert’s Boyd Orchard is located in Versailles, Kentucky off of Pinckard Pike. The drive from Lexington to Eckert’s Boyd Orchard is about 30 minutes and it takes you through some of the most gorgeous horse farms that you’ll ever see. It’s hard to believe scenery like that is located just minutes away from Lexington. For those that don’t know, at Eckert’s, they grow super sweet peaches, blackberries, over 30 varieties of apples, and lots of pumpkins, which are all available seasonally. There is even a tractor ride that you can enjoy to the fields to pick the fruit of your choice.

The Eckert’s family has been farming land for over 100 years, and they invite you to be a part of the tradition by visiting the farm to pick fresh produce.

Last year when my husband and I went, it was sunny and pretty warm. However, this year, it was a bit chilly. Like super cold. Well, too cold for me to be walking around outside, but my body doesn’t really regulate temperature all that well. Since it was so chilly outside, we bought a cup of hot apple cider to help warm us up. Hot apple cider is one of my favorite drinks to drink in the fall and winter. Plus, fall wouldn’t be fall without a trip to the apple orchard! Their apple cider is one of my favorites!

My husband and I don’t have children yet, but whenever we do, we plan on bringing them here, because it looks like the kids we see are having a blast. It almost makes me wish that I was five years old, so I could join in the festivities. I think this is a perfect place to take your children for a fun-filled family day. Even if you are sans kids, it still would make for a cute date if you are dating or married! There is a playground, a 90 foot slide, a three story tree house, and even Terry’s Apple Mountain, that you can climb to the top of! Not only that, but there are activities such as; gem-mining, rat races, a corn maze, a train ride, petting zoo, and even a pumpkin jumping pad. How fun does that sound? I’m 32, and I want to jump on the pumpkin jumping pad. You just got to get out there and live your best life! Life is about having fun and not taking it too seriously!

We took the tractor ride out to the orchard, because let’s be honest, there was no way that I am walking that far, especially when it’s cold. The tractor first stopped at the pumpkin patch in case you wanted to pick out your own pumpkin. There were also pumpkins available at the front entrance. We decided not to pick out a pumpkin this year, but instead waited until the tractor dropped us off at the apples. Apples are one of my favorite fruits. Plus, I planned on using the apples we picked to make sangria or a delicious apple pie! You can’t live your best life without eating some apple pie. This year, we were able to pick Cameo and Fuji apples. After we were finished picking apples, we decided to hop back on the tractor and head back to the country store and entrance. I was so bummed that we skipped out on the corn maze, since it is one of my favorite fall activities. It was just too chilly for me! Maybe next year! Womp Womp.

After coming back from the farm, we had to buy all the goodies in the Country Store. I mean, when I said all the goodies, I mean ALL THE THINGS. You name it, we bought it. You just HAVE to stop and load up on all the fall things. It’s a must. We bought tons of jams, jellies, cider, and of course, the apple cider donuts. If you have never had an apple cider donut, specifically from Eckert’s, then you are missing out! They are out of this world. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I’m kind of sad that I only get to have them once a year, but it just makes it that much more special. Last year, we made a mistake and only grabbed half a dozen. Needless to say they didn’t last long and we found ourselves wanting more. We learned our lesson, because this year we ended up with a dozen. I had to be fast and snatch them, because there were people everywhere and they were going quick! They weren’t going to last long sitting on the shelves. Everyone was grabbing them! They last even less time once they are in your home.

Thanks to Eckert’s, I have tons of fall goodies to keep me occupied the entire season long. Until next year!


Do you have any fall traditions??


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Whitney S.

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