Weekend Reading: Volume IV

I’ve been seriously MIA the past two weeks or so, because… BASEBALL. That was the main source me putting off blogging for both of my blogs. I didn’t want to be distracted. I actually wanted to watch the entire games. I had posts written and scheduled ahead of time, but I just never quite hit publish. However, this weekend, I’m going to make things happen.

Regarding baseball, first it was the regular season. It then was the NLDS, and after that it was the NLCS, and then the World Series. My husband and I even booked a flight to Los Angeles, even before the NLCS began on the off chance the Dodgers made it to the World Series. Well, they once they won the NLCS, we bought two tickets to one of the World Series games. We all know how that turned out… I don’t want to talk about it.

The trip was short. We were only there basically three days, but it was a fun mini-vacay! Now that I’m back home in Lexington and baseball season is over, I’m trying to get back into the groove of things with Fabulous and Fayette and Grits & Glam.

Weekend Reading: Volume IV

1.  This job in Texas will pay you $100 to play with puppies. Um… sign me up!

2. These hill houses in New Jersey are creepier than the show!

3. I’m all about organizational tools to help keep everything in order!

4. Do you wonder what makes someone live a longer and happier life? There are six things that help you accomplish that.

5. This guy is hilarious and does a great job imitating all the girls that are obsessed with fall!

6. This bacon cheddar loaded cheeseburger looks amazing!

7. How funny is this dog – she pretends to be a stray so she can get free food from McDonald’s!

8. Clueless is getting a remake!

9. Such great news! There were three Saint Bernards, Goliath, Gasket, and Gunther that needed to be adopted together… and they were!

10. I love scary movies and I love movies based on true stories. How about these 17 unsettling stories that we so messed up that they became movies?!

11. Backstreet Boys is dropping a new single on November 9, 2018!

12. Is anyone a fan of RENT? There’s going to be a live version on FOX featuring Vanessa Hudgens on January 27, 2019!

13. These DIY unicorn ornaments are so adorable!

14. Trader Joe’s has the perfect fall decor and it’s only $3! Say what?!

15. What Halloween candy matches your zodiac sign?!



Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Whitney S.
Whitney S.

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