7 Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

Since I'm a seasoned veteran of Black Friday, I figured I would include my top seven tips for making your Black Friday successful! #tips #advice #shopping #deal #blackfriday #holidays

The HOLY GRAIL of shopping days is coming up at the end of this week – BLACK FRIDAY! My husband and I have been shopping on Black Friday for the past five years. We do it because it’s fun and we actually enjoy it! There’s nothing like finding a great deal on something that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. In fact, over 174 million people went shopping last year on Black Friday! Last year alone, Americans spent a record number of $5 billion in 24 hours!

I know some people would rather shop online, but sometimes you just can’t find the deals that you can in person. I know other people are apprehensive because of the crowds, but all the times we have shopped on Black Friday, it hasn’t been too terrible. Obviously, it depends on which store you are shopping at and what time you are there.

I know the media tends to hype up Black Friday about being utter chaos (and I don’t doubt that it is in some places), but it honestly isn’t too bad at all from what I’ve personally experienced.

Since I’m a seasoned veteran of Black Friday, I figured I would include my top seven tips for making your Black Friday successful!

Since I'm a seasoned veteran of Black Friday, I figured I would include my top seven tips for making your Black Friday successful! #tips #advice #shopping #deal #blackfriday #holidays

Before Black Friday, You Should…

1. Look at the ads for the stores you want to visit

A few weeks or days before Black Friday, stores will start releasing their sales and doorbuster deals. This is extremely important because this will help you make your plan of attack. Planning on a day like this is extremely important. This is one day that you definitely don’t want to wing it.

2. Make an organized plan

Once you have gathered all the advertisements and decided which stores you will be visiting that day, then make your list! It’s important to note when they open and what products you are wanting to purchase. Are they open on Thanksgiving night? What time do they open on Friday? It’s also important to map out how close each store is located to the next. You don’t want to waste time driving back and forth through the city. Trust me, traffic will be much more heavy now that it is “officially” the holiday season.

3. Go to the stores a few days in advance and walk around

Lots of times the stores will already be getting ready for the big shopping day. Some stores already have displays set out, and many have pallets set out in the aisles, which is where the Black Friday goodies will be! Now, usually they are covered in plastic, so you can’t tell what it is, but it’s definitely something you want to take note of. Some stores have even put out their Black Friday items earlier than expected.

4. Do research

Sometimes retailers advertise a product at a super low price to get you in their doors. You may think something is a great deal but it actually isn’t! This is extremely important when shopping on Black Friday. If you are buying electronics, especially on Black Friday, you should do research. Don’t get mesmerized by the low price. Lots of times, you may see a doorbuster deal for a TV that is too good to be true. Sometimes you will get lucky and get a good product and other times it is just a subpar product. I’m not saying ALL of these are bad, but it’s best to proceed with caution.

Also, it’s great to remember that retailers don’t usually have low prices for their products until closer to Christmas. Do your research and see if you can find out the price fluctuated throughout the year. Don’t fall for the hype, because there’s a chance that you can get it even cheaper.


On the Day of Black Friday, You Should…

5. Wear comfy clothes

This is pretty much a given! I always wear leggings and a sweater or cardigan, because I want to be extremely comfortable. I’ve found it best to dress in layers, because sometimes the stores can be rather hot due to the sheer amount of people inside. Black Friday isn’t the time when you want to prance around in your heels and be dressed to the nines. Dress smart. You have to be dressed for comfort in case you have to make a beeline for an open register line or if you spy there is only one left of that product on your wishlist and you see someone else eyeing it. You want more range of movement.

6. Go with someone

Not only is it more fun going with someone, but bringing a friend allows you to go to the bathroom while they hold y’all’s place in line. The checkout lines can be ridiculously long!

7. Be patient

This one is a given, but you would be amazed how some people act around the holidays. Be patient with everyone around you – the other customers and especially the employees. I’m sure lots of us have at least worked retail once in our lives, so we can sympathize with what the employees are going through. Many stores are open on Thanksgiving, for extended hours on Black Friday, and most likely all the way up until Christmas, so it’s best to be patient even if the lines are taking longer than normal.


Since I'm a seasoned veteran of Black Friday, I figured I would include my top seven tips for making your Black Friday successful! #tips #advice #shopping #deal #blackfriday #holidays


Do you shop on Black Friday?

If so, what are you looking forward to purchasing this Black Friday?


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