Weekend Reading: Volume II

Woo-hoo!! Thank goodness that it is the weekend once again! This has been the loooongest weekend ever!

I can’t believe that earlier this week, it was almost 90 degrees and now that it is the end of the week, it’s 60 degrees. The fall weather has finally arrived. HALLELUJAH!! I finally can wear my fall sweaters and booties! It looks like this is the perfect weekend to pick apples at the orchard and to watch some baseball! On Sunday, I am part of an exciting project that I will share with y’all later!

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Celebrating My Dog, Bentley’s 8th Birthday

I’m a super crazy dog lady and I have to pet every dog that I meet! I just can’t resist their cute little faces. I probably follow about 500 dogs on instagram and it never gets old looking at their adorable pictures and videos.

My husband and I have two dogs, Bentley and Royce, both of which we adopted from the Lexington Humane Society. We got married in June 2011 and adopted Bentley about a month later. We believe Bentley to be a mini Australian Shepherd and Flat Coated Retriever mix. We adopted Royce a couple of months later in March 2012. We think Royce is part Great Dane, Dalmatian, and a few other breeds.

TODAY, Bentley turns eight! I can’t believe he has been in our lives for so long! I figured that I would take a trip down memory lane, and share the story about how we came about adopting him, and of course, celebrate his BIRTHDAY by getting him treats from the Bluegrass Barkery, which is a local dog bakery in Lexington, Kentucky!

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20 Fun Fall Date Ideas For Couples

Fall is hands down my favorite season. There are so many fun fall activities that you can do on a date. You can call me basic, but I don’t care! There’s just something about the crisp fall air and the changing of the leaves. However, it’s still in the 80s here in Kentucky (and with the “feels like” temperatures, it’s closer to 90 and above). I just wish fall would get its act together, because I want to wear cute boots and sweaters. I live for fall fashion, and layers. It’s so hard to feel cute when you are sweaty and when your hair is frizzy. To be honest, I’ve just never felt really all that great in summer fashion. Fall fashion is my jam. Fall Fashion > Summer Fashion!!

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Weekend Reading: Volume I

I’m so glad it is the weekend! Weekends always make me the most happy, since I’m always going out to eat, going shopping, or doing something outside. October probably has to be one of my favorite months, since it officially the beginning of the fall season. However, Kentucky should tell Mother Nature that, since it’s still pretty hot here – it’s in the 80s and almost 90s!

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I’m Not Doing The #Last90Days Challenge. I’m Doing It On My Own Terms

Can you believe there are less than 90 days left of 2018? It’s crazy how fast this year has flown by! Pretty soon, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Seriously, where does the time go?

I know many of us always make New Year’s resolutions, but what about making goals for the remainder of the year? I keep seeing everyone talk about Rachel Hollis and her #Last90Days Challenge. I’m sure everyone has at least heard of her (or else you are living under a rock) and her popular book, Girl Wash Your Face (I bought it a few months ago and have stopped on Chapter 5). Well, Rachel is doing the #Last90Days again, and she has even laid out five items for “5 to Thrive.” I should preface by saying that I haven’t listened to her podcast or the videos speaking about the challenge.

I’ve heard this challenge is supposed to keep us women motivated during these last couple of months, since there are so many foodie holidays coming up on the calendar that are toxic to us (the treats that come along with fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). I think it was mentioned that women tend to make excuses not to be motivated because of the holidays. This challenge is supposed to give us women a head start on the new year, instead of waiting until January 1 to start fresh.

However, with that said, I’ll tell you why I’m going to do things on my terms.

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